MÄLARPORTEN apartment buildings

Housing project for the private contest Mälarporten by BRF building company, in Stockholm area, Sweden. 100 apartments residential block for a calm area by the water.

:: The goal was to create family homes with a sense of community. With danish inspiration, we wanted to enhance the water presence all around and to create calm areas for leisure. With these high-end apartments and the richness of a natural surrounding, the buiding design aspired to generate direct connection between neighbors and nature. With a variety of typologies, the urbanization wanted to satisfy different lifestyle needs. And to further enhance the residents' identity, each house has a facade division based on a variety of colors and materials in order to create a small-scale variation in the area.

:: Collaboration at Holmberg Architecture studio teamworking with the architect Lajdi Sulaj.


mixed use


project development + model maker


Stockholm | SWEDEN