urban project

Concept urbanwear store in Guimarães, built to celebrate the 25th anniversary in the business, creating a new brand company.

:: An experienced entrepreneur aiming to go further in the apparel trade, wanted to celebrate the working jubilee, investing in a new concept philosophy. The goal was to design a solution full of urbanity, reflecting a cosmopolitan status with a dynamic, eye-catching overall look, reflecting a customer urban lifestyle profile. Inspired by some raw elements from the store itself - concrete walls or an ordinary ceiling waffle type slabs - together with some old bricks and tiles, we decided to accept the challenge of re-using and re-purposing the existing materials. The wish was to mix-and-match furniture, materials, lighting and graffiti - in order to get a profuse imaginary of the whole and chaotic metropolis - but, saving a clean perception for the eyes. A new identity originating a new logo, branding colors and a innovative interiors design. The retail area - with more than 250 sqm - was filled up with stucco boards in dynamic asymmetries, bringing balance between full-white look walls with bricks and concrete contrast, clashing with some wall art and exploding colors, made it all! Vernissage and lift off!

:: Teamwork with Miguel Januário, graffiter.




brand concepteur // project design


Guimarães | PORTUGAL