cobogó ó ó

This project consisted in a new concept for a Cobogó unit, to create a fresh environment and a new perspective on a classic brazilian building structure. The client, a small marble fabricator and seller, wanted to promote a new material in the market - the Quartzite Amazonite -for the interiors design fair CASACOR.

:: Cobogó, portuguese term that refers to a hollow brick wall. Is a reminiscence building element created to increase interiors lightness and air ventilation, popular in Brazil. Initially made of clay and cement, later produced in glass, is a very common for walls division, balconies or terraces. The curious word takes the surnames initials from the three brazilian engineers who conceived and industrialized it: Amadeu COimbra, Ernest BOeckmann and Antônio de is.

:: Teamwork with Wanderson Oliveira.


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