S-GRAM | serralves exhibiton gallery

Public contest for conception of art exhibit structure , able to easily "pack and unpack to travel" through the country. Bringing as main idea, the versatility of the "tangram" geometric puzzle and its interchangeable pieces, our goal was to design something under the economy and the feasibility frame, in order to answer the basics on transportation, assembly, disassembly and storage. With the right-angled triangle as the ruling shape, we wanted to achieve a building structure not as a strict module unit, has a whole but buildable as modular range of possibilities varying from x-y axis but also into the z dimension, suitable for all ground occurrences. Made only with two basic components - metallic poles as a bone structure of two types of measures (cathetus+ columns and hypotenuses) and panels as body (doing walls+roofs and specials with doors+slopes) - that makes a smart cubage, able to load and unload fast and methodically.

In the end, the solution was set to be built on budget (due to availability and familiarity of the components), with great resilience (for safety and intense use) and know-how (daily workable materials and construction technics).


on/off structure


design competition