post-liberation housing for MOSUL

New tech / Old basis APPROACH

Given the circumstances our approach is pragmatic and rational.

With the shortage of almost everything and the chaos as scenario, the main concern is to the people’s willing of safety and comfort. Our goal points out to the most of the instantaneous solutions: availability of workforce to clean the city devastation, collecting from debris, materials to rebuild, feeling helpful as individual and easily communitarian.

People need a steady solution.

So we elect a recognizable identity morphology - familiar for the spirits - designing with old and idiosyncratic aspects like the wind catchers ventilator, roof terraces or giving privacy from the streets to live inwards - the secular courtyard, among others.

Although the timeless imagery and highly efficiency of the vernacular solutions from and to the local to take the best of, we don’t want a anachronist answer. It’s an opportunity to be synchronic.

Reborn with the best guide the practice, using highly ecologic trends for the XXI century.

New tech / Old basis - PROGRAM

The unit (home cell) is a L shape house of 80sqm. The plot it’s a 200sqm land with two home units and common areas. The block is 4 x 4 plots.

Orthogonal urban planning with transversal narrow streets - exclusively pedestrian (only emergency or service vehicles) - for calmness and better privacy living areas, being the longitudinal ways, wide wooded boulevards to gather the big mobility and infrastructures.

Each house unit, shall be designed in order to have the "wet" compartments towards every second narrow street, mirrored valve at par, in order to save infrastructure pipelines, allowing also better mobility fluency, saving streets from supply or sewerage system works;

Some plots, left for retail and community service facilities and gardens;

Despite sharing the courtyard, each family can close their place with a soft fence for privacy;

Livings terraces protected with shadows for passive coolness and collecting sunlight for photovoltaic panels;

Traditional chamber for storage in the roof, with contemporaneous design and permitting easy recognition;

High intelligent street lighting holding several features like light sensor for auto dimmable LED system; CO2 and air quality readers;  fire alarm sensor and emergency speaker; traffic vigilance; photovoltaic and wi-fi provider; etc.

So much more than design of a shelter, shall be designed a house we call home for soul, community and identity.




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