villa smr

Villa for a young family, with urban living background, wishing to change to a quiet rural area.

:: With a common housing program, the villa consists of: two single bedrooms and a master with dressing room and one private wc included, and another bath compartment to serve the remaining private area; the public zone of the house, a big hall gathering the living room, dining room and kitchen in an contiuum, a small reading room in the bottom, bathroom and a tech division. The plot - angular as a kind of scalene trapeze - delimits the morphology of the villa, the legal distances with the pretensions and needs of the family (single floor with about 200 m²), playing with the solar orientation and the desire to create space for external coexistence, turned to "inside", thus drawing the final solution, adapted to the situation existence. With two geometrical bodies at the intersection, the public area of the house, with a longitudinal and reception volume intersects the second body, the private one, transversal and agglomerator of the private rooms, openning almost orthogonally to the outer space, generating in-out soft relations.




project design // tender project // supervision


P. Lanhoso | PORTUGAL