dicas.come TAKEAWAY

The work aims to create, mainly a small restaurant for catering ready meals, a takeaway place. The owners, coming from a family with long experience in the local traditional gastronomy, wanted to explore a business with short presence in the community. The design project is divided into two areas: a front zone with for the takeaway service and an on-site dining room, more reserved to take advantage of the location near to the main school. From the selection of the materials, it’s intended to obtain a quiet atmosphere with the presence of the cherry wood in conjunction with the floor in pastel gray softness in a unifying neutral white, with a soft light environment. The buffet room, a longitudinal snack bar covered with wood with fourteen seats, defines the area, in the same white, cherry wood and soft grey. On the technical areas, the toilets area acts like a gate, distinguishing the passage from the first to the second meal zone. The kitchen and all the support and storage rooms has been planned to get the best working, safe and hygienic set. It was elaborated running the principle: warehouse - pantry of the day; food preparation – kitchen sink for fish, meat and vegetables; food confection - tables of support and zone of burning and grill; serveware collect and washing - dirty cups, waste and cask. All the design work was carried out with high standards of safety and hygiene, with organized arrangement of all the utensils and consumables in vertical arrangement, distributed in lateral cabinets by the restaurant.


food & beverage retail


interior design


P. Lanhoso | PORTUGAL