OP2 40Y

Brand new HQ for an optical group store at its 40th anniversary. Built in the main commercial boulevard and stored in a rehabilitated historical building, the concept design thrives for a sophisticated yet cosy atmosphere, redefining the quality of the user experience.

:: The client - an expert in the business with more than 4 decades of experience - wanted, despite the cliché, something new in a different way. Possibly, revealing the charisma and character of the company’s long journey. Not only a delightful place, with good interior design but beyond the usual definition of an optical store. Reshuffle! Along with the essential motto "eyes on the future", the path was set - combining distortion, asymmetry, dynamics, clarity and elegance.

"You walk in and there's always, in each step, different things happening" became the winning idea! Timeless Carrara marble along with grounding oak or american walnut veneers, leather details and rustic sisal generates down-to-earth calmness. These noble materials and colour palette play an important role in the desired atmosphere. Angular geometries, distinct lights and diverse mirrors reflections brings richness for the eyes. Spaces are angular but fluid, richness of high standard handwork detail, soothing qualities and warmth of experience.

:: Miguel Coelho photography.




interiors design // furniture design // lighting design // works supervision


Barcelos | PORTUGAL