is architectural practice led by David Oliveira, working from scale to detail, bringing some more to improve. We provide architectural design services, furniture and interiors, paperwork and turnkey contracts.

David Oliveira with roots in a small town northern Portugal, was born in 1979 in Edmonton. He studies architecture in Porto and freehand drawing qualities bolds the path. In 2008 publishes the monograph 'Value and vernacular architecture - critical review of the Portuguese 20th century' to obtain the Master Degree and conceives his first professional work by the same time, the 'Urban Project' apparel store in Guimarães. After living, learning and working in architecture in the cities of Porto, Riga, Stockholm and Vigo, establishes studio back in Portugal. In 2017 attended a lecture about "Collective residentail blocks on XX Century - case studies" at the Architecture School of Porto University and is attending at the present, the Master of "Urban Engineering" at Minho University, between the practice. — where every project has a story.

phone: (+351) 961 855 545 // 223 166 770
address: Rua Sá da Bandeira // Porto, Portugal